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Product Engineering Testing Services

As has often been the case, traditional software development is under incredible pressure to deliver on aggressive business timelines. With a constant need to accelerate time-to-market, testing usually takes a back-seat and is sometimes even treated as an impediment. While all constituents of a business expect high quality final releases, they are also opposed to anything that will elongate timelines.

Testability as a desired feature is acknowledged but rarely integrated into design early enough and, when it is, enough time is not allocated to it. Quality tradeoffs usually lead to more time spent of defect fixing, intermittent automation coverage and limited test code reusability. An integrated approach to testing and development activities is the need of the hour that helps organizations realize the full compelling benefits of agile software development.


We at Intelly Labs provide Testing services that help you eliminate business risks with the acceleration of automated testing programs and leveraging our proprietary test framework and do it right






Web Testing:

Today’s rapidly changing business realities require an enterprise to handle frequent changes introduced to their ecosystem. Automated testing tools must be able to incorporate comprehensive end-to-end testing across all enterprise systems while being powerful enough to remain stable through a barrage of changes and reeling in maintenance costs.  

Intelly Labs has a progressive model-based test approach that offers powerful yet cost effective testing solutions geared towards accelerated test delivery and predictive quality with simplified test maintenance.

Desktop Testing:

Even with the advent of portable devices and new form factors that have drastically changed the way we do business, desktop applications are still critical for many major business segments including imaging applications, graphics intensive applications, ERP systems, manufacturing & industrial automation systems, financial applications, medical applications, etc.  

Desktop applications characterize development with multiple technologies, complex object level hierarchies and customized controls. They require data interoperability with integrated systems demanding rigorous testing to ensure there aren’t any compromises with quality

Mobile Testing:

The advent of mobility was the precursor to the digital wave that has now swept businesses across the world and transformed the way customers purchase, consume and engage with brands. Today’s mobile first solutions need to be engaging, intuitive and easy to use while placing the customer first. And with ever emerging complexities of OS upgrades and the criticality of responsiveness, security, system loads, and continuous testing, businesses today need a well thought out mobile testing strategy.

Intelly Labs’ testing capabilities combined with an end-to-end, model-based approach has helped alleviate potential business risks and paved way for superior quality.

Performance Testing:

Reliable and consistent performance of business-critical applications is paramount in ensuring successful product releases.  However, there are several scenarios where the need to ensure a speedy release has resulted in bugs and shortcomings that severely compromise functionality. This often results in a severely compromised customer experience and adversely impacts the equity of a brand.

At Intelly Labs , our performance test capabilities and services span across distributed systems, networks, cloud databases, hardware and high-volume transaction systems.

Innovation Testing Labs:

We have dedicatedly built a Testing practice over the last few years and have parleyed our experience and capabilities into an innovation hub to enable enterprises to build an efficient, dynamic and lean testing function.

Test Design Automation Labs:

Organizations now want to learn how to think like designers, and apply design principles to the workplace itself. Design thinking is at the core of effective strategy development and organizational change.

With a design based thought process, our shift left approach and predictable quality measures have brought in tremendous value to our customers.

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