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Re-defining Traditional Software Development with Smart 'CTO' Services


At Intelly Labs, we work with you like your CTO – ‘Chief Technology Officer’ and become a one-stop-shop for all your ‘Digital Technology’ needs. As your CTO, we understand your business vision, we help reduce the gap between Business and IT and thereafter propose the most appropriate techno-business strategy on the product.

We then design a robust scalable architecture as the core foundation for your product. 

Thereafter we set up, align and manage development engineers during the entire product development lifecycle to ensure delivery ‘on-time, on-budget, as per scope and schedule’. This interaction minimizes all the risks and maximizes output in the external software development.

Technology Strategy Consulting


We work collaboratively and closely with you to ensure that the final product meets all your business and strategic goals. We are the interface that does the Business –> IT conversion. This largely involves in-depth technical evangelism, technical feasibility analysis, and R&D to validate the business use case vis-a-vis the proposed technology.

Engineering Eye for Detail

At Intelly Labs, we provide computer science engineering on your web or mobile product to a microscopic level of detail needed to run successful platforms of the likes of,, The Intelly Labs computer scientists will finesse your software and build in the right engineering insight at the right stages of the software development process.

Application Development


Intelly Labs provides advanced CTO level IT consulting services for large-scale, distributed and socially engaging web and mobile platforms. As technical consultants, we understand your business vision to convert it into an optimized technical execution strategy (IT strategy). Next, we seamlessly source and select the RIGHT software vendor to get you an optimized quotation and an optimized project execution plan.

Managed Software Vendor Services

At Intelly Labs, we provide service to manage and monitor your outsourcing services vendor. Outsourced Software Development often falls short on its promise of Economical and High-Quality software design. At Atlogys, we provide a CTO service (Chief Technology Officer) that seeks to eliminate such shortcomings. Atlogys will maximize software output and remove all the risks associated with outsourcing.

Our expertise lies in 'large-scale web & mobile applications' that requires engineering something foolproof, fast and secure which must scale to to millions of users. We like to solve hard problems and follow a rigorous process in our execution methodology which provides our end customers with a professional, high-quality, hassle-free and turnkey consumer experience.