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About Client

Customer is an American Multinational enterprise conglomerate that provides solutions in workforce management and human resource management.

Client Needs

The customer’s data for HR, payroll, payments, and onboarding processes were siloed and there was data inconsistency across systems, this data needs to be periodically updated and may have an impact on thousands of employees in terms of the data that is generated as well as documented across systems.

Target systems can be as varied as applications that are developed using different technologies as well as they can accept different file formats in terms of data that can be accepted from the source system.

Our Solution

We did extensive requirements analysis on the source system and data to be integrated and transferred with target platforms and applications.

We developed a microservices(scheduler, event-driven services) based platform to seamlessly integrate and transfer data between the sources and multiple target systems, the microservices used to fetch data from the master database to a mulesoft platform where it transformed the data and sent it to the target system.


  • Operational efficiency and seamless integration of data from the disparate data sources
  • Quality improvement by doing integration and automation testing
  • Integration between 1 source product and more than thousands of discreet applications and platforms for different customers
  • High business impact leads to customer satisfaction and increases in the number of customers thereby improving business processes and outcomes.

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