Consulting Services

Whether you’ve only automated one process or you’re looking to see what else you can do after automating hundreds of tasks, we’re at your service.

At Automation Anywhere, we have an unwavering commitment to make sure you get the job at hand done no matter what. Our team has worked with companies of all sizes and people with varying levels of automation experience to automate their business processes, help discover new automation ideas, and maximize ROI.

What do you get when you use our consulting services?

  • A team that’s in the picture as much or as little as you want us to be. We’re ready and able to automate a part of your project, several parts, or the whole thing.

  • Best practices stemming from years of experience helping companies implement automation ideas of all complexity

  • Onsite or off-site training and assistance, depending on your preference

  • Our guarantee that we only charge you when everything works perfectly, according to your specifications

What have companies commonly used our consulting services for in the past?

  • Automating thousands of business processes, including inventory management, invoice processing, data retrieval, and report generation

  • IT process automation, including installations, FTP download and backup, server and application monitoring, and file and disk management.

  • Web data extraction

  • Data transfer automation

  • ERP system automation


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become a major differentiator for leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organizations looking to retain, acquire, and grow customers and increase profitably. Enhanced value propositions and improved service level agreements (SLA) are some of the benefits derived from employing a Digital Workforce.























Reduce Operating Costs

Improve Operational Agility

Increase Capacity


Outsourcing is no longer the only option to decrease cost and streamline operations. RPA should be a serious consideration for BPOs looking for more innovative and nimble approaches to run their business. Embrace RPA to deliver new business capabilities and increase the value of services delivered to customers.